Dr. Gudrun Henne

Presentation at the World Congress 2017 on Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP in Paris

Unconscious Bias. Overcoming unconscious Obstacles for Personal and Organisational Development

Unconscious biases and assumptions are patterns in our unconscious that determine our behaviour. It is a form of unconscious hypnosis that is going on without us realizing it. We are convinced to be objective, to be unbiased and fair and strongly believe that our reasoning is grounded in facts and figures. However, we are in deep trance without noticing it. It comes close to a personal revolution to realize that we are more quidded by our unconscious believes than by our ratio, thinking and argumentative abilities. How to identify unconscious biases? How to overcomes inner obstacles of unconscious assumptions in edicion making and judgement? The presentation will help you to be more aware, more conscious and more awake as a human being.

For more details visit: www.world-congress-hypnosis-nlp.com

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